Sunday, April 6, 2014

HHS Band Pasta Dinner Performers: Bravo!

The Annual Hebron High School Band Pasta Dinner was a delicious blend of Italian cuisine and beautiful music! The KMS Band was represented well by these outstanding Honors Band performers:

Saxophone Quartet: Bruce Moe (soprano), David Zhao (alto), Mr. Mark Smith (tenor) and Brandon Lee (bari)
Flute Duet: Nina Kang and Annabel Wei
Clarinet Duet: Jennie Park and Amy Nam
Trumpet Trio: Ambika Kapil, Katie Hood and Brad Franklin

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Honors Band Wins Sweepstakes Award @ UIL!

Congratulations to the Killian Middle School Honors Band for receiving a first division from every judge at the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest! This is the highest award possible!!!

For the concert portion of the competition, the Symphonic Band performed three pieces: March of the Belgian Paratroopers arranged by James Swearingen, Joy by Frank Ticheli, and West Highlands Sojourn by Robert Sheldon.

Here are a few things the concert judges had to say about their performance:
"Wow! What a great looking group! You all make such amazing sounds. Every section is displaying the qualities of a professional ensemble. Wonderful balance, tone and pitch throughout."
"I love your aggression. You're not afraid to go for it! This attitude helped your articulation and we can clearly hear your hard work."
"Superb musicianship in every measure. Thank you so much for allowing me to hear your group!"
Following their outstanding performance on stage, the band went straight to the sight reading room for the next portion of the contest. This included a completely new panel of judges and music the band and director had never seen before. The band had 7 minutes to position (move keys, slides and sticks but make no sound on instruments) through the piece together as the director conducted and pointed out information. Then the band was judged on how they played the piece all the way through. Here are some things the sight reading judges said about their performance in sight reading:
"Good sounds from every section! Nice concept of balance, blend and intonation throughout the performance."
"No distortions at all and you are playing with a lot of intensity!"
"Really good percussion! Way to take charge!"